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We are happy to offer this session completely free of charge. There is no pressure or obligation to give, but below are two options for giving if you feel led to make a donation:

1. Give to Tanya Grant Ministries

Giving to this option will help cover ministry expenses such as travel, administrative costs, etc.  Click the link below and follow the steps to make a one-time donation or set up a recurring donation:

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2. Give Directly to Tanya 

Giving to this option will happen through Cash App  and funds given will go directly to Tanya:

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Healing Ministry

Healing Ministry

At Tanya Grant Ministries, our approach to healing is centered on the power of the Holy Spirit and the principles of biblical truth. We believe that healing is a gift from God, and that it is available to all through faith in Jesus Christ.

Our first step in the healing process is to pray and seek the guidance of the Holy Spirit. We believe that the Holy Spirit is the ultimate healer, and we rely on His leading as we work with individuals.

Once we have the leading of the Holy Spirit, we work with the individual to identify any areas of their life that may be in need of healing. This can include physical, emotional or spiritual healing. We understand that healing can come in many forms and may not always be instantaneous, but rather a process that takes time and requires commitment.

We use a variety of biblical principles and techniques to address the areas that require healing. This may include inner healing, emotional healing, prophetic healing, and also teaching individuals how to maintain their healing. For example, inner healing may involve addressing underlying emotional pain, self-destructive patterns, and other inner struggles that may be preventing the individual from living in wholeness.

We understand that healing can be a sensitive and personal process, and we take care to respect the individual's needs and boundaries throughout the process. We also recognize that healing is not a one-time event, but rather a process that may take time and may involve follow-up sessions and continued support.

We believe that healing is available to all and that Jesus Christ is the ultimate healer. We are committed to using the tools of healing to help individuals find freedom, wholeness and restoration in Christ. We welcome all who are seeking healing to contact us to learn more about how we can help them find healing in Jesus Christ.

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