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Embark on a transformative chapter of your spiritual journey with a Prophetic Counselling Session. If you're searching for direction, facing obstacles, or simply seeking a deeper connection with the God, you're in the right place.

Life can get overwhelming, and sometimes, we all need a little guidance. Tanya Grant provides Prophetic Counselling Sessions that are designed to make your spiritual journey clearer and more meaningful.


"Prophetic Counselling is about hearing the Word of God for your life so you can gain the clarity you need to navigate your spiritual journey."

-Prophetess Tanya Grant 

It is possible to have a life where you feel spiritually empowered, where doubts and uncertainties no longer hold you back. That's what we aim for in every Prophetic Counselling Session – a personalized experience to help you navigate challenges, find purpose, and experience breakthroughs.


  • "Prophetic counseling not only gave me direction but also peace in my heart." - J. Smith

  • "I've seen tremendous growth in my spiritual life since starting prophetic sessions." - M. Johnson

I just wanted to share that the insights I received were truly life-changing. Thank you so much for your guidance! -A. Patel

Gain Clarity and Spiritual Direction Today


What is prophetic counseling and how does it work?

Prophetic counseling is a form of counseling that incorporates spiritual insights into the counseling process. Utilizing the gifts of prophecy, counselors seek divine guidance to offer wisdom, direction, and encouragement tailored to individual needs. This approach combines traditional counseling techniques with prophetic insight to facilitate deep spiritual growth and healing.

What should I expect from a prophetic counseling session?

During a prophetic counseling session, you can expect a respectful and confidential environment. The session typically begins with a brief prayer or meditation, followed by a discussion of your concerns or issues. The counselor may share prophetic insights or messages they feel led to convey, always aiming to provide clarity and positive direction for your life journey.

What are the benefits of prophetic counseling for me?

Prophetic counseling offers several benefits, including personalized spiritual guidance, deeper self-awareness, and emotional healing. It's particularly beneficial for those seeking direction in life decisions, clarity in personal or spiritual matters, or support through life transitions. Many find it a transformative experience that enhances their faith and personal growth.

How much does a prophetic counseling session cost?

At our core, we are dedicated to ensuring that our sessions are accessible to everyone. That's why we have chosen to operate on a donation basis. We believe in the power of a generous heart and an open spirit, allowing you to contribute in a way that feels meaningful to you. Whether it's a small gesture or a grand gesture, every amount makes a difference. Your donation plays a vital role in enabling us to continue offering our transformational services to those who are in need. Together, we can create a positive impact and make a lasting change in the lives of many.

Is prophetic counseling considered a form of therapy?

While prophetic counseling shares similarities with therapy, such as offering a safe space for dialogue and personal growth, it is not therapy in the clinical sense. It does not diagnose or treat mental health disorders. Instead, it focuses on spiritual and emotional guidance from a faith-based perspective.

What is the background of the prophetic counselors?

Our prophetic counselors are individuals with a deep commitment to their faith and spiritual practice. They possess both the spiritual gift of prophecy and training in counseling techniques. Many have formal theological education as well as years of experience in ministry and counseling, ensuring they provide grounded, empathetic, and insightful guidance.

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