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What is Prophetic Delivernance?

Prophetic deliverance is a process of helping individuals find freedom and wholeness through the power of the Holy Spirit. This can include physical healing, emotional healing, and spiritual healing.

Prophetic deliverance can refer to a variety of practices, such as casting out demons, breaking off curses, and renouncing ungodly soul ties. These practices are rooted in the belief that certain spiritual forces can have a negative impact on an individual's life, and that by addressing these forces through prophetic deliverance, it can lead to healing and freedom.

Prophetic deliverance is not only about casting out demons or other negative entities, but also about addressing root issues that might be holding an individual back, such as unhealed wounds, traumas or any other negative experiences.

Prophetic deliverance can also include elements of inner healing and emotional healing. This may involve identifying and addressing emotional pain, self-destructive patterns, and other inner struggles that may be preventing an individual from living in freedom and wholeness.

Prophetic deliverance is a process that can take time, and it requires openness, honesty, and commitment on the part of the individual seeking deliverance. It is important to note that prophetic deliverance can only be carried out by someone who is grounded in the word of God, has a good understanding of the dynamics of spiritual warfare and deliverance, and works under the guidance of the holy spirit.

It's also worth noting that, while it can be a powerful tool for spiritual growth and emotional healing, prophetic deliverance should not be seen as a replacement for traditional medical or therapeutic treatment for physical or mental health issues. It's important to consult with a healthcare professional or licensed therapist before seeking deliverance for any health-related issues.

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