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Prophetic Counselling

Guidance through the Holy Spirit: Book a Prophetic Counseling Session Today!

  • 45 min
  • Donation
  • Online Zoom Meeting

Service Description

Prophetic counseling is a form of spiritual counseling that uses the prophetic gifts of the Holy Spirit to bring guidance, insight, and direction to individuals seeking help. This counselling service is for believers stuck on their spiritual journey and need prophetic guidance for their next step. You can expect to receive clarity and direction and a fresh outlook on your circumstances. Prophetic counseling is focused on spiritual growth and development, and it is beneficial to approach it in that perspective. Prophetic counseling is a collaborative process, in which the counselor uses the prophetic gifts of the Holy Spirit to bring insights and guidance to the individual seeking help. This might include insight into current or future events, guidance for specific decisions or steps to take, or identifying areas of spiritual growth and development. Prophetic counseling may involve prayer, bible study and other spiritual exercises in addition to the prophetic insight and guidance, and the counselor may work with the individual to help them apply the guidance they receive to their daily lives. Prophetic counseling is not only about giving insight but also about empowering the individual with the knowledge and tools they need to grow and develop spiritually. The prophetic counselor will work closely with the individual to help them understand the guidance they receive and help them apply it to their lives. It's important to note that prophetic counseling should not be seen as a replacement for traditional forms of counseling or therapy, and it's important to consult with a licensed professional if someone is dealing with mental health or other issues.

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